“The word ‘preschool’ should make you think of laughter and the sound of children’s feet. But this latest structure is the opposite. It represents something dark that ruptures my insides. I do not understand exactly what transpired here. But I get this feeling. A disturbing feeling that in many ways do explain what happened. I have no answers, but I wonder how something cheerful could turn this dark. Filled with catatonic children and crying parents – I can only assume. Benches, desks and chairs now resemble torture devices rather than tools for teaching, playing and learning. I saw a teddy bear when I explored the hallways, and I thought about what it might say if it were alive. Then I left the premises.”

Badham Preschool is the only map for the Springwood Realm as part of CHAPTER 6: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.


This is not the Badham Preschool where children laughed and learned, made lifelong friendships and had their paintings hung on the walls. This is a dark echo created from the nightmares of those who suffered there. The walls creak under the burden of history. Events that should be long forgotten are recorded forever in the plaster and stone, pervading the building with misery. Only one part of the building is accurately reflected in this darkness. The squalid room where Freddy Krueger lived and worked. The hidden basement area where he committed the heinous acts that appalled a town and condemned him to death. This is a place of the subconscious, of the nightmare brought into hideous reality.


Badham Preschool Building

The Badham Preschool building is the main Landmark in the Badham Preschool Map.


The Badhman Preschool building potentially contains the Basement.

The Badhman Preschool building potentially contains a Generator .

The Badhman Preschool building contains 5 Pallets .

The Badhman Preschool building contains 5 Lockers  (9 with the Basement).

The Badhman Preschool building contains 1 Chest  (2 with the Basement).


The Badham Preschool building is a mid-sized two-story building, with a ground floor and a boiler room below. In case it contains the Killer Basement, it becomes a three-story building, with two lower levels.

The ground floor has 3 entrances, each with a small hallway leading into the building that can be blocked off with a Pallet and 4 Lockers.

There are also 2 Pallets and 1 Locker in the boiler room.


  • There's a hidden room behind a wall in the Preschool's basement. One can glimpse into it through a small, boarded up hole. An altar can be seen, surrounding a Child's drawing of a child together with a crying adult.
  • If you enter the Boiler Room, which is featured in most films in the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, your vision becomes reddish and the lighting changes.