Coldwind Farm is a map in Dead by Daylight. It also The Hillbilly's map.

Coldwind Farm

Coldwind Farm was widely known as it spanned two counties. Mr. and Mrs. Adams put a lot of work into the farm, but all those blisters and sweat paid off. But for some reason, one day in 1946, produce stopped coming. And when crops started to wither and die, investigators decide to take a closer look. The farmhouse was abandoned. Dust covered the floor. Mold and dampness covered the rest. Fecal matter was found across the house. All but in one room. One room seemed to be have been spared from whatever the rest of the house suffered from. It came with no other explanation than that someone must live there. But no living soul was to be found. Instead remains were discovered in the basement. Both from Mr. and Mrs. Adams together with livestock. Several years later, as people were trying to renovate and hope to sell the place, they discovered disturbing things inside the walls as they started to collapse. Things and creations put together by human hands. The whole farm were to be forgotten. But somehow people were drawn to it as things occurred. The Silo toppled over during a storm, revealing corpses inside. And one night the Harvester started, spewing blood across the trees. Now, Coldwind Farm is nothing more than that buzzing sound one can hear during summer nights.

The Farmhouse

he Farmhouse stood proudly as the centrepiece of Coldwind Farm for decades. After the horrific events that occurred, the building collapsed into disrepair and eventual ruin. The Farmhouse is now nothing more than a forgotten, former home where holidays once were celebrated

The Slaughterhouse

Once part of the farm, the Slaughterhouse still continued to work for many years after the breakup of the farmland. Rotting stench and stained floor provides it proof of all deaths that have taken place here. Animal or otherwise.

The Silo

The Silo is one of the oldest remaining buildings at Coldwind Farm. A great storm brought the ancient structure crashing down. It was weeks later that searchers discovered twelve bodies, buried in the ruins. No answers were to be found.

Open Rural (The Cornfield)

Even before the fall of Coldwind Farm, the cornfields were surrounded by tales of ominous myths. Everything from mutilated animals to red corn stalks. Now it’s abandoned. But still, someone seems to care for the corn in some way. As they still stand tall. Missing something.

The Fractured Cowshed

The old run down cowshed was one of the first barns the Thompsons built on Coldwind Farm. It was originally intended to house sick animals at a safe distance from the rest of the livestock, but no animal who entered it ever survived. An investigation eventually revealed the building was completely infested with toxic mold. Uncertain as to how it could happen so quickly, the Thompsons figured it must be a construction fault or something to do with the dampness of the wood. A new barn was built, and the old cowshed was left to rot in the shadows.