David King is the tenth survivor in Dead By Daylight. He was released on July 27, 2017 with the free A Lullaby for the Dark DLC.


The single child of a wealthy family, David King seemed destined for greatness. While growing up in Manchester, he demonstrated serious potential in both sports and academics, and with his family connections, all doors were open to him. He could have succeeded at anything, if it weren't for his combative nature. David lived for the adrenaline rush of a good fight and would go out of his way to get into one.

His robustness and athletic abilities led him to rugby, where he could cut loose and really cause a ruckus. King excelled and gained a reputation as a promising, if somewhat reckless, rookie. His meteoric rise came to an abrupt end when he lost his temper and assaulted a referee, earning himself a lifetime ban from the league and cutting short what most people assumed was going to be a long, successful career. King was unconcerned; money was no issue, so he took it as an early retirement and focused on other fun things to do.

Free from the constraints of a career and enabled by the wealth of his family, David King spent most of his time at the pub, drinking, watching games, and getting into fights. Some might say he was wasting his life away. Not many people knew that he was an occasional "debt collector" or that he fought in clandestine bare-knuckle fight clubs.

When David King stopped showing up at the pub, the few friends he still had were not surprised. They figured he had finally picked a fight with someone stronger than he was. In a way, they were right.


David King’s perks are a result of his years playing rugby and stems from his strong physique and his need for adrenaline. But being fast isn’t everything, he’s - sometimes - also a team player. But that side is seldom seen.

We're Gonna Live Forever

David We'reGonnaLiveForever

Your few friends deserve the best protection. Start with a penalty to altruism points gain. Each time you rescue or take a hit to protect a survivor, gain a stackable bonus to all Bloodpoint gains. We're Gonna Live Forever is teachable after the player reaches Rank 30 with David.

Dead Hard

David DeadHard

You can take a serious beating. When injured, tap into your adrenaline bank and dash forward quickly to avoid damage. Causes exhaustion. Dead Hard is teachable after the player reaches Rank 35 with David.

No Mither

David NoMither

Go on our kid, it's just a scratch.. You start the trial injured and won't let anyone heal you beyond this state. Your thick blood coagulates practically instantly. No Mither is teachable after the player reaches Rank 40 with David.







  • King's favorite activities include getting into bar brawls and debt collecting.
  • He's different from the other survivors as he's not a hero due to his attitude and backstory.
  • He's a rugby player.
  • King has a tattoo of a rose behind his left ear and a lion tattoo on his left arm.

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