Dead By Daylight is a 4v1 survival horror game on PC, where four players must take on the role of Survivors, as they are being hunted by a deranged killer who must sacrifice them to the entity.



Unique Perks

Unique Survivor Perks

DwightIconPerk bondPerk leaderPerk provethyself MegIconPerk quickandquietPerk adrenalinePerk sprintburst

JakeIconPerk calmwillPerk ironwillPerk saboteur ClaudetteIconPerk botanyknowledgePerk empathyPerk selfcare

Best neaBalanced landing@2xUrban evasion@2xStreetwise@2x Laurie strode portraitSole survivor iconDecisive strikeObject obsession icon

Ace portraitAceintheholeUptheanteOpenhanded Bill PortraitBill BorrowedTimeBill UnbreakableBill LeftBehind

Feng PortraitFeng TechnicianFeng AlertFeng Lithe

Unique Killer Perks

Trapper portraitBrutal strengthAgitationUnnerving presence Wraith portraitShadowbornBloodhoundPredator

Hillbilly portraitTinkerer color Lightborn colorEnduring color Nurse portraitStridor color Thanatophobia colorNurses calling color

The shape faceSave the best for last color Dying light colorPlay with your food Hag faceRuin colo Devour hope colorThe third seal color

Normal Perks


We'll make it perk This is not happening perk Spine chill perk Small game perk Slippery meat perk Resilience perk Premonition perk Lightweight perk Kindred perk Hope perk Dark sense perk Deja vu perk No one left behind perk Plunderer's instinct perk


Bitter murmur Deerstalaker perk Distressing Insidious perk Iron grasp perk Thrill of the hunt IconPerks monstrousShrine No one escapes death perk Sloppy butcher Spies from the Shadow Unrelenting Whispers


Autohaven Coldwind Macmillan The Asylum Haddonfield Backwater Swamp Léry’s Memorial Institute


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