Dead By Daylight is a 4v1 assymetical survival horror multiplayer game that pits 4 players(Survivors) in realm of torment and despair against 1 Killer unrelentingly stalking through the darkness. Set in an procedurally generated world, each match becomes unexpected creating true terror and fear, and thrilling narratives.


  • SurvivorsWork as a team to escape the nightmare fueled realm that tortures each individual running through the darkness.
    • Escape the world you're trapped in while planning ways to keep the killers away and distracted from your objective.
  • KillersConquer the torture grounds and cause any soul to bleed in agony.
    • Avoid the survivors from escaping.
    • Hang in them hooks to kill each survivor.


Players can unlock various game features to help them prepare for the next match. Each unlockable can be obtained through the use of Bloodpoints in the Blood Web or Iridescent Shards in the Shrine of Shards.

The following are a list of unlockables:

Game Features

The list below are other features present in the game:

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