As I embarked on yet another day of struggle, I ended up in a new arena. A place that resembles nothing I’ve ever seen before. Houses with a structural design that’s foreign to me. Contraptions and architecture that are reminiscent of my hometown, but in another form. A disturbing and puzzling form. I try to avoid it all together.
— Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)

Haddonfield is one of 9 realms within Dead by Daylight. It was released on 25 October, 2016 as part of The Halloween Chapter.


Haddonfield is a calm little town, without much going on. Or at least it was. If you were to ask anyone in the town, at the school or in a bar, if there’s something off with Haddonfield, they’d decline. To accept that this was the birthplace of one of the purest form of evil is hard. People living here have always felt safe and protected.

There were no boogeymen or other shady characters in the night. No lurking, no skulking. People slept perfectly fine for decades knowing this for a fact. So when Halloween came about, the town’s folks were reluctant to accept that Haddonfield is now for ever known as an evil place. Gossip and made-up stories flooded the town.

Nobody really knows what happened, or if it’s safe nowadays. Some moved away. Others visited as morbid tourists. During the day, a common visitor wouldn’t suspect a thing. But as the sun sets and night comes, an eerie quietness devours the town. People are afraid. And as you visit Haddonfield, you too will get afraid. Not only because it sits upon a dark history, but also because something is off. This isn’t a real place, but instead a warped version of a reality that is no more. An Entity version if you’d like.

Lampkin LaneEdit

A simple street with houses that witnessed the horrors that took place. A jungle gym where children once learned to climb. Sidewalks where fathers taught their daughters to ride a bike. All gone. Instead it sits in the palm of the Entity, forever held in darkness.
— Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)
Lampkin Lane is the only map for the Haddonfield Realm.

Landmarks Edit

Myers' House Edit

The Myers' House is the main landmark in the Lampkin Lane map. It is a small two-story building with a staircase on the inside. The ground floor contains two windows and two entrances. The second floor contains two windows. It contains one closet. It contains a staircase leading to the basement. It potentially contains a generator on the second floor. It potentially contains a chest on the balcony.

Contents Edit

Myers' House contains one closet.

Myers' House contains a staircase leading to the basement.

Myers' House contains a generator on the second floor.

Myers' House potentially contains a chest on the balcony.

Layout Edit

Myers' House is a small two-story building with a staircase on the inside.

The ground floor contains two windows and two entrances.

The second floor contains two windows.

Achievement Edit

Icon Name Description
Ach houseOfPain
House Of Pain Repair the generator in Myers' house and live to tell the story.



  • Haddonfield and Lampkin Lane are from The Halloween horror film series.

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