“A simple street with houses that witnessed the horrors that took place. A jungle gym where children once learned to climb. Sidewalks where fathers taught their daughters to ride a bike. All gone. Instead, it sits in the palm of the Entity, forever held in darkness.„

~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)

Lampkin Lane is the only map for the Haddonfield Realm as part of CHAPTER 2: HALLOWEEN.


Myers' House

Myers' House is the main landmark in the Lampkin Lane map.


Myers' House contains one closet.

Myers' House contains a staircase leading to the basement.

Myers' House contains a generator on the second floor.

Myers' House potentially contains a chest on the balcony.


Myers' House is a small two-story building with a staircase on the inside.

The ground floor contains two windows and two entrances.

The second floor contains two windows.


Icon Name Description
File:Ach houseOfPain.jpg
House Of Pain Repair the generator in Myers' house and live to tell the story.