“A simple street with houses that witnessed the horrors that took place. A jungle gym where children once learned to climb. Sidewalks where fathers taught their daughters to ride a bike. All gone. Instead, it sits in the palm of the Entity, forever held in darkness.„

~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)

Lampkin Lane is the only map for the Haddonfield Realm as part of CHAPTER 2: HALLOWEEN.


Myers' House

Myers' House is the main landmark in the Lampkin Lane map.


Myers' House contains one closet.

Myers' House contains a staircase leading to the basement.

Myers' House contains a generator on the second floor.

Myers' House potentially contains a chest on the balcony.


Myers' House is a small two-story building with a staircase on the inside.

The ground floor contains two windows and two entrances.

The second floor contains two windows.


Icon Name Description
Ach houseOfPain
House Of Pain Repair the generator in Myers' house and live to tell the story.