Dead by Daylight Left Behind Trailer

Dead by Daylight Left Behind Trailer

Left Behind is the first Paragraph DLC for Dead by Daylight. This DLC is not available for the console editions.

This DLC features:

Description Edit

UP AND AT 'EM, SOLDIER. TIME TO MOVE! Put on that comfy beret and green combat jacket if you wanna fight another day as war veteran Bill Overbeck. You were left for dead, but you woke up. Now you have gotten the only thing you ever wanted: an enemy to fight. Left Behind is a free add-on for Dead by Daylight and includes 1 survivor + 4 brand new Survivor outfits.

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William "Bill" Overbeck Edit

Dwight Fairfield as Ellis Edit

Meg Thomas as Zoey Edit

Claudette Morel as Rochelle Edit

Jake Park as Francis Edit

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There are exclusive Left 4 Dead shirts for Dwight, Meg, Claudette, Jake and Nea in both red and black. The red shirts are obtained by owning either L4D or L4D2. The black shirt is obtained by following the DBD community on Steam.

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