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  • Frankly, you should have thought of that sooner.

    It's not my intent to get this Wiki closed down or to get you or anyone banned, but I won't stand for people stealing my content. If either are the consequences for violating licenses, then so be it.

    To be brutally honest, closing this Wiki down or abandoning it might do it a service. FANDOM usually has excellent Wikis, but this one is the black sheep of the bunch: horribly outdated, poorly written articles, stolen content. It's a shame.

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    • I already revoked my admin rights and Bureaucrat rights. I have no control over this wikia anymore. It's not my problem anymore. It's all up to Lovexxi. And XxSolarEclipsexX if she ever comes back. Go settle it with them. But to tell you, Lovexxi isn't even innocent either. She was posting things from your wikia here and has done a similar in the past with her Smite wikia and its gamepedia wikia, where she got caught. She obviously knew they were from yours. She's also not even that active. So I don't think she'll even change anything. So I just reccomend you erasing every page on this wiki or just posting a link to your wiki on every page.  Or make a blog post about it. OR get it closed down and everyone banned. I really don't care what happens. I don't even like or playDead by Daylight anymore or like using wikia that much. I was planning on revoking my rights and disabling my account quietly months ago.  So I'm done here. And won't be replying to any messages anymore.

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