No Mither is a Unique Survivor Perk. It is unique to David King until Level 40, at which point its Teachable version can then be learned and taught to the other Survivors.


  • The ability to infinitely recover from the dying state, and be stealthy doing so makes this Perk one of the most effective methods of countering the slugging strategy.
    • However, as you are injured from the very beginning of the game, the Killer will know that you are running this Perk and most likely not leave you lying around.
    • Even if the Killer does leave you on the ground, the bleed-out timer is only 4 minutes. This means that can only get up a maximum of 8 times by yourself if you recover immediately unless you also have Unbreakable equipped, which accelerates the recovery time, in which case you will be able to get up a maximum of 10 times.
    • Can be paired with Decisive Strike to nullify its only weakness (slugging), while also nullifying one of No Mither's own weaknesses.
    • Very useful in hatch search situations in which the Killer usually leaves one person on the ground to look for the last Survivor.
  • It is also advised to combine it with perks such as Resilience and Dead Hard in order to fully utilize their effects.
  • When the Killer runs Thanatophobia, all Survivors get a constant debuff to their repair, healing and sabotage speed.


  • The Perk was originally called Just A Scratch according to an interview with Mathieu Cote (Producer).
  • Using this Perk will give you a unique icon in the Status Bar in the lower left corner of your screen, informing the other Survivors and the Killer that you run that Perk.
  • Unlike Iron Will, the noise reduction from this Perk's Tiers II & III also applies when you are in Dying State .
  • No Mither effectively cancels out Self Care , so one shouldn't use both Perks at the same time.
    • You also cannot use it to heal yourself from the Borrowed Time bleed-out timer.