“I sought refuge the other day, from yet another creature. I did not pay attention to my surroundings and did not take notice of the place where I ended up. A place of death. Not death in the sense that I am accustomed to, but a place designed for death. A place where living things are meant to go to slaughter: an abattoir. I remember the smell from my childhood days, and that very same smell caught my senses as I stumbled across a floor that was flooded with debris and old tools of death. The smell of rust, blood and fear was so familiar. I longed to flee the area, to return to the campfire that I both despise and love. But that thing was still out there, I had to make use of the meat plant’s maze-like features, and flee…yet again. ”

The Game is the only map for the Gideon Meat Plant Realm.


The sickly glow of fluorescent lighting bathes the room where Jigsaw planned out his games. This place is the product of a fevered mind, desperately trying to complete their life’s work, their legacy, before their inevitable end. A place of creation and destruction, from which devices of death and rebirth were produced.

Below is the crucible itself; the location of so many tests and decisions. The smell of fear, blood and death has soaked into the brick walls. The corridors are a maze, disorientating the test subjects as they traverse the game rooms. And, at the heart, a bathroom, reverberating with the rattle of chains on tiles. A door is pulled closed and the room is plunged into darkness.


The Bathroom

The Bathroom is the main landmark in the The Game Map, an iconic place from the SAW™ franchise.


The Bathroom contains a Generator .

The Bathroom contains several Lockers .

The Bathroom contains a Chest .


The staircase leading into the Basement  is always located behind the Bathroom.

The Bathroom is a narrow, elongated room located in a corner on the Lower Floor of The Game.


  • In the game files The Game is being referred to under the name Hideout.
  • The Game is the second indoor Map after Treatment Theatre.
  • The Game is the only Map with two floors throughout its entire area.
  • All Generators on The Game are connected to sliding doors. If one of them is closed, an unfinished Generator isn't far.
  • The body found in the Bathroom might belong to Adam Stanheight, a protagonist in Saw.
  • The Toy Burner Jeff Denlon has to use in SAW III can be seen in the Pig Vat room.