Dead by Daylight Of Flesh and Mud

Dead by Daylight Of Flesh and Mud

A new terror stalks the darkness; her appearance strikes me as more intense than other after a glimpse of her haggard silhouette. Twisted and torn in unspeakable ways, with greyish and dead skin stretched out over her emaciated body. Her arm is a horrid overgrown deformity capable of slashing through both flesh and bone alike. Her very presence speaks of endless torture similar to mine. I wonder - did she refuse the Entity's calling until broken or did she wish for this?
— Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)

Lisa Sherwood, also known as The Hag, is the sixth killer in Dead By Daylight. The Hag was added during the Of Flesh and Mud DLC pack. A grotesque killer manipulating survivors while drinking the blood of her wounded victims.

The Hag perks revolve around a new gameplay mechanic: the Hex totems. They are focused on cursing the survivors and sapping their abilities. The curse last until the survivors manage to track the Hex totem down and tear it down.


Lisa Sherwood grew up in a quiet town. The people of the village were kind, and the elders helped settle their disputes and keep the old traditions alive. Lisa was particularly fond of the charms they taught her to draw for safety and good fortune. One night, as she was walking home through the woods, a terrible storm struck without warning. In the slick wet darkness, she lost her footing and struck her head. Slipping in and out of consciousness, she watched dark shapes approach between the trees. Soon they were close enough for her to make out their evil, hungry grins.

They kept her chained to the wall in a flooded cellar. Through the gloom, she could see others, whose open wounds swarmed with flies. They did not survive long once the cannibals began carving bites from their bodies with their rusted blades, but somehow Lisa persisted. Starved and mutilated, her gaunt arms became loose in their shackles. She pulled, and the metal tore through skin and muscle until she was free. Her flesh oozed viscous yellow pus and bones were visible beneath gangrenous wounds. She could go no further. Delirious, she thought of home; she thought of the elders. She traced the symbols they had taught her. A dark hunger stirred inside her. It yearned for blood. She chose vengeance.

The police search eventually brought them to the old house in the swamp. Its inhabitants had been dismembered and devoured. The elders’ charms were scrawled in blood on the floor. Lisa’s body was never found.


The Hag perks revolve around a new gameplay mechanic: the Hex totems. They are focused on cursing the survivors and sapping their abilities. The curse last until the survivors manage to track the Hex totem down and tear it down.

Icon Name Description
Ruin colo
Ruin An ominous hex that affects the survivors' skills at repairing generators. Survivors affected by Ruin suffer the following in their desperate fight for survival: Good Skill checks results in regression on the generator. Great Skill checks do not grant bonus progression on the generator. The hex effects persist until your related hex totem is torn down.
Devour hope color
Devour Hope A hex rooting its power on hope. The false hope of survivors ignites your hunger. When a survivor is rescued from a hook at least 24 meters away, Devour Hope receives a token. Tokens grant various abilities such as double damage and kill by your own hand. The hex effects persist as long as the related hex totem is standing.
The third seal color
The Third Seal You will curse a survivor by hitting the victim while the Hex Totem is active. The hex reduces the effectiveness of the victim's aura reading ability and make the survivor easy prey. But only one survivor can have this effect applied to them at a time. Once you hit another survivor, the Hex is transferred to your next victim. The hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.


Icon Blackened Catalyst
Blackened catalyst
Source of The Hag's power, a blackened finger used as a catalyst to her terrible power: the Phantasm Traps. The Hag draws in the soil to set a trap for the survivors. When a survivor find her trap, a lifelike illusion of the killer appears in front of them. Once the trap is triggered, The Hag has a choice. To enter the physical illusion when the survivors are within her reach or use it as a decoy to take down her unsuspecting prey before the phantasm collapses into pieces of dirt and mud.




Weapon: ClawEdit

Unlike other killers, The Hag uses her bare hands to strike enemies. It has a similar hitbox to other killers.



  • The Hag is the first killer whose Memento Mori animation takes place in third person rather than from her own perspective.
  • Stranger Things has a death scene that looks kind of like The Hags Memento Mori
  • The Hag is the first killer that doesn't attack with an actual weapon, instead using her massive claw.
  • The Hag's profile is smaller than the other killers, making it much harder for survivors to spot her, but also making it harder for her to see survivors past objects.
  • The Hag's move speed is the second slowest killer, only a little faster than the Nurse.
  • The Hag is the first killer whose perks are directly associated with a destructible item on the map, 'totems'. Cleansing these totems will effectively disable her perks.
  • The Hag is the second killer who is able to place traps, but unlike the Trapper, she doesn't need to collect them from the map and instead can have up to 10 traps placed at any one time.
  • The Hag is also the second killer who can teleport, but unlike the Nurse, survivors have to come within range of her traps and she needs to be close enough to a triggered trap before it expires in order to teleport.
  • Unlike all other killers, the Hag doesn't step through windows, but rather jumps through them.
  • The Hag seems to be heavily based on the Wendigo, an Algonquian myth that says those who commit cannibalism will become possessed by spirits, deformed and eventually turn insane. This is suggested by The Hag's appearance, Memento Mori, backstory, and a few Hag-related items in the game which talk about cannibalism.
  • The Hag is the shortest killer

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