There's another apparition, more terrifying than I've ever seen, hunting amongst the shadows here. It moves like a silhouette, appearing and disappearing at the sound of a dreaded bell. It's impossible to track it. Several time it has caught me without me even seeing it closing in. Often convinced I have my back covered, it has promptly materialized right behind me to strike from close range. Stay still and watch the fog. Don't move, don't blink and for god's sake don't breathe. If you can control your fear long enough and can show self control, sometimes it is possible to see it's shimmer as it glides forward if caught at just the eight light. I pray for your safety.
— Benedict Baker's Journal, Nov. 1896

Philip Ojomo, also known as The Wraith, is one of the three original killers in Dead By Daylight. A being wielding a dangerous blunt weapon and can turn itself invisible.

Biography Edit

Philip Ojomo came to this country without anything than hope for a new beginning. He was happy as he got offered a job at Autohaven Wreckers. A small scrap yard where bribed cops turned a blind eye to the somewhat shady business that took place. Ojomo didn’t care. He had seen criminal activity up close in his homeland, and as long as he didn’t get involved, he let things be. He just fixed cars and handled the crusher. Something he did really well. A car went in, a small, metallic cube came out. It was not until one gloomy day that he, just by accident, saw some blood coming from one of the un-crushed cars. As he opened the trunk he found a young man, gagged and with tied hands with panic filled eyes. Ojomo freed the man who managed to run ten feet before Ojomo’s boss stopped him and slit his throat. As Ojomo demanded answers he got explained to him that he’d been nothing more than a simple executioner as more or less every car had a soul in them as this was a "service" the scrap yard provided to certain "clients". Ojomo snapped and went ballistic. He threw his boss in the crusher and let it slowly compress, as the head stuck out, Ojomo grabbed it and pulled head and spine out of the body. Then he left and was never seen again.


Icon Name Description
Shadowborn Your vision is brighter and your field of view is wider than normal. Highly sensitive to light, you get blinded faster than normal and it takes more time to recover from this condition.

"Shining in the darkest dark, his eyes pierce the night and stings your soul."

Bloodhound You smell traces of blood at a great distance. Fresh blood marks are considerably more discernible than normal and can be tracked for longer than normal.

"Pebbles shimmering in the moonlight; my life drips down in a trail so easy to follow."

Predator Your acute tracking ability allows you to follow disturbances left by passing prey over a longer period of time. Footstep marks stay visible longer than normal.

"Never stop moving and hope you're always two steps ahead of the beast."


Icon The Invisibility Bell
Invisibility bell
The Invisibility Bell is used by the Wraith. Once activated the Killers becomes invisible and a loud bell sound is heard. The Killer can walk around and will collide with objects and Survivors. Invisibility is deactivated by pressing a button. Upon being visible the Killer cannot move for a few seconds.




Weapon: Azarov's SkullEdit

Made of a skull mounted atop a spinal column of his former boss, the Wraith's primary weapon has a generous hitbox.


Trivia Edit

  • Before it was known as The Wraith, it's alpha name was Banshee.
  • There is a tribute mask added by the developers exclusively for the famous YouTuber Ohmwrecker. It has Ohmwreker's symbol printed over its mask.
  • "Ojomo" is a surname common to Nigeria, and so it is most likely that the Wraith was originally from Nigeria when he was human.

External Links Edit

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